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Tune Sweeper [4.42] Crack + Serial Key [2022] Full Version Free Download [Latest]Tune sweeper cracked

Tune Sweeper Crack is a great program that can assist you in resolving such issues by eliminating any duplicates from your iTunes collection. The software requires iTunes to work effectively. Installing and running the Net Framework on your PC is required You may frequently discover duplicate files in your library that are using up valuable storage space.  Tune Sweeper Free can inform you which music is in the cloud and make intelligent recommendations about which ones to keep and which to discard.

Furthermore, the software can assist you in expanding your music library by adding artwork to files that lack it or locating missing tracks in an album. Exclamation marks show next to track titles in iTunes, indicating that iTunes is unable to locate the file associated with that track. Tune Sweeper Serial Key is a simple Windows program that allows users to clean up their iTunes library by locating and deleting duplicate tracks as well as correcting songs with inaccurate or missing song metadata. When playing music, no more exclamation points!

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Tune Sweeper Crack + Serial Key Update Free Download

Tune Sweeper Serial Key is an easy-to-use Windows application that allows users to clean up their iTunes library by finding and removing duplicate songs and fixing songs with incorrect or missing song information. No more exclamation marks when playing music! Additionally, the app can view stats for the songs you’ve listened to, so you have a clear idea of ​​the main genres you’re listening to and your preferences for bands and artists. Tune Sweeper’s duplicate finder is more complex than iTunes’s built-in duplicate feature, as duplicates can be scanned based on various criteria such as matching game titles, artist, album, song numbers, and length of the songs. It shows duplicates of iTunes found in groups so they can be easily selected and removed with the click of a button.

Tune Sweeper Update searches your iTunes library and Music app for tracks without covers and searches the Internet for matching covers. Tune Sweeper automatically uploads new images to iTunes and the Music app. Use Tune Sweeper to identify tracks and songs with incorrect titles and missing metadata, quickly fill in blanks, and correct incorrect titles, album information, and other song data. Tune Sweeper uses advanced fingerprint technology to identify your music and automatically download the correct track information to your iTunes library or music app! Tune Sweeper allows you to quickly view all duplicate tracks in your iTunes library. You can automatically choose which tracks you want to keep based on quality, last playing time, or duration. Once you’ve decided which tracks you want to keep, simply delete the remaining ones in the Trash with a single click of a button.

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Key Features Of Tune Sweeper:

  • View all duplicate tracks in iTunes and your music library in a single click.
  • Automatically save music based on the quality of the last time they were played or the duration of the song.
  • Click the trash can’s button to delete the remainder. Because Tune Sweeper is aware of which songs are saved in the cloud, it can intelligently recommend which songs to preserve when using iTunes’ duplicate remover.
  • The Tune Sweeper scans your iTunes library, music apps, and the Internet for songs without covers. New photos are automatically uploaded to iTunes and the Music app by Tune Sweeper.
  • Tune Sweeper recognizes your music with advanced digital fingerprint technology and downloads the relevant track information to your iTunes library or music apps instantly!
  • Tune Sweeper searches your computer for music that isn’t already in your iTunes library.
  • Additional Features;
  • To rapidly add this new music to iTunes and the Music app, use Tune Sweeper.
  • The Tune Sweeper finds and deletes tunes from your iTunes collection that are no longer on your computer. When trying to play music, there will be no more exclamation points.
  • Apple Music is an excellent resource for discovering new music.
  • Tune Sweeper also shows a list of Apple Music songs you’ve added to your music collection, but it vanishes when you exit Apple Music.
  • You can buy these tracks and save them to your media library if you like.
  • Tune Sweeper is a fun app that summarises your favorite bands and genres on iTunes.
  • Tune Sweeper may surprise you with what it can tell you about your listening habits!

Pros And Cons:


  • Tune Sweeper Crack does a superb job at deleting duplicates.
  • It also has some other important features.
  • It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Allows users to change search criteria that are duplicated.
  • All functionalities are displayed on a simple interface.
  • It has an automatic selecting feature.


  • Given that it only works with iTunes, it’s a little pricey.
  • When compared to comparable top software, scanning is relatively slow.
  • Accidents do happen.


Tune sweeper

Tune sweeper crack
System Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel 64-bit processor
  • RAM: optional
  • Graphics: optional
  • Operating system version: macOS High Sierra 10.8 or later
  • Disk space: 1 GB of free space for installation
  • Size: 11.19 MB

License Keys:


What’s New?

  • Improves the identification of doubles.
  • With the no function in iTunes, you may correct any inaccuracies.
  • Minor bug fixes and speed improvements.

How to Crack?

  • From the given links, download it.
  • Then run the program.
  • In the installation directory, copy and paste the patch.
  • Enjoy!

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